Attempting children’s poetry…

10527271_10153044527069112_3198059753128838544_nThis is Louis trying to get my attention whilst I was having a go at some children’s poetry!

Decided to write a poem about a child who doesn’t want to go to school, here are a couple of verses…

I wake up in the morning,

alarm clock ringing in my head,

I’ve got to get up for school in a minute,

but I’d much rather stay in bed.


Clambering around my bedroom,

wracking my brain for a lie to tell,

I trudge into the kitchen,

and tell my mum that I’m not feeling very well.


Any comments would be HUGELY appreciated – am feeling like not bothering anymore :-(




Wolves of Midwinter – finished

Have just finished reading the Wolves of Midwinter from the wonderful Anne Rice. Every time I read a book by Anne Rice I am inspired to carry on writing. If I was 10% of the Author she is I would be happy! Does anyone have a favourite Anne Rice novel that has truly inspired them?

Anyway, have neglected the blog for a while – lots been happening, including preparing for a job interview – eeek!

Also been writing my novel – ‘closer’ (working title)

Here is an extract from the first chapter – any comments greatly appreciated!!

“Excuse us,” she said, but her bravery was rewarded with a hard and unexpected blow to the side of her face that knocked her to the floor. She was immediately kicked hard in the stomach, forcing the air out of her lungs, and further kicks followed. Eden had never been in a physical fight, but she had always thought that if she ever experienced it, she would give as good as she got. The reality however, couldn’t have been more different. She tried to curl herself up into a tight ball to protect her already injured stomach. She tucked her head down to minimise the blows to her face, but it didn’t seem to work.


Thanks. Will write soon :-)

Dystopia Competition entry finished…sneak peek!

Just finished first draft of my entry for the Almond Press Dystopia competition. Feeling rather accomplished! Here is a little sneak peek:

The sun was setting in the west, turning the sky in to an array of fiery oranges and reds. The city that she knew and loved was gone, with only the occasional hint at its former glory. Some buildings lay collapsed and abandoned, whilst others had succumbed to flames and still smoldered here and there, sending acrid smoke in to the atmosphere.

Any feedback (positive or negative) would be greatly appreciated!

Kidney infection :-( Any editing tips?

At home with a kidney infection :-( Got a couple of days off work so I’m thinking….sofa, laptop,lots of cups of tea, writing, eating. Look on the bright side hey?! Am going to try and get the short story finished for the Almond press dystopia competition finished.Currently at 3,400 words with the 5000 word limit.

Has anyone got any editing tips? I’m planning to print out the manuscript once finished and get out my green pen teacher style. (Did I mention I work in a school?!) Is this what you usually do or have you got another method?

Many thanks in advance! Now putting the kettle on :-)

Whether to call yourself a writer…

I have recently come across numerous articles, asking whether you tell people that you are a writer. Also questioned was whether you are qualified to call yourself a writer. My response is… who cares?!? I enjoy writing. I like writing. So I write. I don’t feel the need to classify or justify myself to anyone and neither should anyone else in my opinion. Whilst you are writing, surely you are a writer? Similarly, whilst I’m having a boogie on a Saturday night I am a dancer(ish).